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  • Hotel Ami von Villeroy & Boch | Manufacturer references
    am September 21, 2023 um 5:17 pm

    A village atmosphere in the heart of the Parisian metropolis. In the 15th arrondissement, you can hear the beating heart of the city. Tree-lined streets filled with little boutiques and shops, gourmet bistros and food stores, as well as a book shop and a luxury shoemaker’s create a very authentic Parisian atmosphere. The Hotel Ami has been welcoming guests in this inspiring setting since 1925. The 3-star establishment is now revealing a new look following a complete renovation and redesign. With great sensitivity, attention to detail and an eye for the essentials, designer Gesa Hansen, who has already developed several colour concepts for Villeroy & Boch, has succeeded in conveying the district’s authentic charm in the interior design. The result is a welcoming haven of peace and relaxation for travellers in the midst of fast-paced city life. The Eiffel Tower, the Dome des Invalides and Montparnasse station are on the doorstep, with Montmartre and the Louvre just a few minutes away by…

  • SC Collegno von DIAA Studio | Semi-detached houses
    am September 21, 2023 um 5:17 pm

    A double house that comes from the renovation of a residential space attached to an old disused factory. The twin apartments exploit the double height of the existing spaces to their full potential, with the formation of mezzanine sleeping areas, functional and comfortable environments. All the new internal partitions are in plasterboard while the perimeter walls, once plastered, have been restored to their original shape with exposed brick. The contrast between the formal purity of the new intervention and the material irregularity of the brick generates a living space that is enjoyable from an aesthetic point of view, without neglecting the functionality of the spaces, which, although small, offer an optimal living experience. DIAA Studio

  • MODERN STYLE von Zenucchi design code |
    am September 21, 2023 um 5:17 pm

    Un appartamento in una casa di famiglia caratterizzata da un’impostazione degli anni ’50. Una collaborazione lavorativa longeva che ha portato ad un rapporto di fiducia e stima. Questi gli ingredienti base per la buona riuscita di questo progetto. Il cliente da diversi anni ha un rapporto di lavoro con Zenucchi Design Code ed in questo periodo ha potuto vedere i progetti finora realizzati e la passione che il team pone in ogni nuovo lavoro. Proprio per questo motivo, ha lasciato carta bianca a Zenucchi, riponendo completa fiducia nelle loro capacità di soddisfare la sua esigenza principale, ovvero quella di avere una casa unica, non banale, fatta su misura dei gusti e delle esigenze delle persone che la abiteranno. Il progetto si sviluppa intorno all’uso di materiali naturali: la pietra, in particolare il Ceppo di Gre, il legno di noce, il ferro e la resina. Il legno non solo riveste il pavimento, ma anche il soffitto, creando un effetto scenografico e riducendo ai minimi ter…

  • YACHT PARK, POLAND von PIU Design | Manufacturer references
    am September 21, 2023 um 5:17 pm

    PIU Design has created an exclusive service for those who want something more, who seek the kind of luxury that exceeds their fantasies. PIU Doors gives a new way to live the project, experiencing a full satisfaction of clients’ needs, dreams and beyond. Total commitment to their comfort and their project. A journey through the rarest and finest selection of materials will take the client to touch and feel the matters of their project. PIU Design sew a project entirely made for the client, creating a tailor-made experience for their needs, expressed or silent, acknowledging their desires and refining them with the taste for quality and perfection. PIU Design, your story. Interno Iza Gajewska

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Center von Gresmanc Group | Manufacturer references
    am September 21, 2023 um 5:17 pm

    The building presents a strategic counterpoint to the minimalit, often austere, aesthetic popularized by the tech industry by offering a warm and welcoming environment for students and faculty. Although it may not seem like it, this project has a single alveolar ceramic panel design. The particularity of the work was to create eight variantes depending on its surface, scratched or smooth, and unglazed, matte or gloss finish. LMN Architects

  • Hochparterre am Open House
    am September 21, 2023 um 11:07 am

    Es ist Open House in Zürich! Über 100 Türen und Tore öffnen sich. Besucherinnen erfahren viel über die Räume und das Leben dahinter. Auch über die Arbeit des Hochparterre-Teams.

  • Biodiverser Stadtraum
    am September 21, 2023 um 7:30 am

    Ein besseres Mikroklima, weniger Luftschadstoffe, mehr Biodiversität und geringere Lärmemissionen: Dachbegrünungen werten den Strassenraum auf.

  • Debatte über Postneubau
    am September 20, 2023 um 8:26 am

    In Liestal macht eine Gruppe mit klobigen Bildern gegen ein geplantes Postgebäude mobil. Ausserdem in der Presse: «Overtourism» in den Bergregionen, ein gutschweizerischer Energiekompromiss und hohe Mieten.

  • Grosse Kunst im Kleinformat
    am September 20, 2023 um 6:04 am

    An den Werken des Schweizer Künstlerpaars Sabina Lang und Daniel Baumann kommt man allein schon ihrer Grösse wegen kaum vorbei. Das Zeughaus Teufen zeigt 96 Miniaturen der raumgreifenden Werke.

  • Gemeindehaus inventarisiert
    am September 19, 2023 um 8:40 am

    Das Gemeindehaus der Israelitischen Gemeinde Basel wurde ins Inventar der schützenswerten Bauten aufgenommen – gegen den Willen der IGB. Ausserdem: Architekturjahrbuch und Rekursflut in Zürich.

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  • Singulart: shaking up the online world of art and design | News | Architonic
    am September 19, 2023 um 10:00 pm

    <p>The art market was a plump target for digital disruption and democratisation. The internet and a sharper, smarter kind of e-commerce promised accessibility and transparency in a business almost entirely lacking in either. </p> <p>Online art galleries could open the door to new and younger collectors intimidated by traditional galleries and the complex hustle of art fairs. Artists, meanwhile, could find a platform and salesroom outside the dealer and mega-dealer system and the battle for part-time space in the physical place. </p> <p>Art though is not books, groceries or flat-pack furniture. Paintings have texture and brush strokes, a precise play of colours. Sculpture inhabits space in a way hard to capture online. Buying art takes time and deliberation. Art is a commitment. And it is not industry. Art is not produced in regular shapes and sizes and to a regular schedule. And crucially, the making and selling of art, is built on the human relationships between artist, dealer and col…

  • 'My Kartell': A collection dedicated to the search for newness and innovation | Design | Architonic
    am September 19, 2023 um 10:00 pm

    <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Kartell</a> has always been a creative workshop in which designers are asked to conceive industrial products. In parallel, they are now being tasked with adopting the same approach and applying the same experience to expanding the Kartell product range and creating products made from different materials and destined for different uses, indoors and out. Kartell means everything from single articles like lamps, mirrors, trays and chairs produced using the latest moulds to complete living zone arrangements with rugs and lamps alongside sofas and armchairs.</p> <p>The creativity of our designers is what turns a concept into a finished product, or into a family of products covering a whole range of lounge furnishings. The project is transformed into an industrial product and the culture of the product and the brand becomes a style of living. <a href="…

  • What is bistro furniture? Five sets that exemplify the type | News | Architonic
    am September 19, 2023 um 10:00 pm

    <p>A familiar attraction in more populous cities, bistros are said to have been born in Paris, where enterprising residents would set up makeshift stalls in front of their homes, selling their leftover produce to earn a little extra income. What started out as a neat little side hustle turned into the homely, or perhaps even cosy restaurants and café spaces we know as bistros today. With minimal space inside their small-scale premises, these small-scale eateries often continue their ancestors’ traditions and pitch up tables and chairs outside.</p> <p>Fighting for their lives in the hazy pandemic months, small hospitality spaces took advantage when major cities relaxed their rules surrounding outdoor dining. Anywhere and everywhere from piazza-facing pizzerias in Porto to cobbled back-alley sandwich bars in Edinburgh cordoned off what little space they had with as many tables and chairs as they could. Enabling safe fresh-air dining, the furniture also served to entice customers in – onc…

  • Keeping things fresh at Decorex 2023 | News | Architonic
    am September 18, 2023 um 10:00 pm

    <p>It takes a lot to keep a design trade show fresh year-on-year. There’s the keeping-up with the perpetual churn of trends and tastes, while also offering new platforms and formats with which to highlight them. Managing the juxtaposition of established names and creative upstarts. Juggling the obligations of pragmatic business networking but also offering a little outré pizazz to cut loose with as the days roll on.</p> <p>London’s <a href="">Decorex</a> is a keen example of how to do it right: nearly half a century in existence, still the only show of its kind in the UK and a bona fide lynchpin for the European interior design community. Founded in 1978 – with only one fallow year, due to COVID in 2020 – it remains a meticulously curated undertaking; a ur-text for the model that’s stuck firmly to the key tenets of quality, inspiration and connection. </p> <p>This year’s iteration – taking place from 8-11 October – will see over <a…

  • The NEFF Collection: kitchen appliances with a personal touch | News | Architonic
    am September 17, 2023 um 10:00 pm

    When it comes to planning a kitchen, there’s the fun part of expressing your design vision through cabinet and countertop materials and colours – Do you keep cupboard doors uniform or mix it up? Do you tile behind or continue the worktop up the walls? It’s an intensively creative process combining clever spatial conjuring to devise something that is both ergonomic and unique – and then there’s the working parts of a kitchen: the bits that bake and boil, steam and clean. Here the choice is typically about efficiency and functionality; gas or electric, double or single? But who says the working parts can’t be diverting and individual too? The German maker of high-quality built-in home appliances, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">NEFF</a>, has been putting fun and functionality together in a bid to bring character to those industrious parts of our kitchens, so that the process of cooking isn’t simply a technical feat, but a joyful one too. Over the pa…

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