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  • Palate Kitchen von Bloom Furniture Studio |
    am März 3, 2021 um 11:00 pm

    Alice D'Andrea Design Bloom Furniture Studio Ben Rugg Vancouver, Canada Renowned today for its spectacular interior, classic food, exceptional coffee, and seamless service, Palate Kitchen has earned its reputation as one of Vancouver's most respected all-day café-restaurants. Palate is located inside a Georgian Revival heritage building situated in the Financial District in Vancouver. continu […]

  • The Greek von Bloom Furniture Studio |
    am März 3, 2021 um 11:00 pm

    Synthesis Design Bloom Furniture Studio Iani and Alexi Makris Vancouver, Canada Realizing “The Greek by Anatoli” was the collective brainchild of Iani and Alexi Makris. Longstanding successful restauranteurs, Iani and Alexi brim with a perfect mix of creativity and business savvy. Synthesis Design was fortunate to have been involved in the planning and design stages, taking our cues from the energetic and dynamic brothers. Iani and Alexi seem to know what each other is thinking before words are spoken and we were doing our best to keep up! Their unique design style fit provocatively within the walls at 221 Carrall Street and created a buzz before it was even complete. “The Greek by Anatoli” came into fruition extremely quickly as concept to opening occurred in only a few months. I think they thrived on the pace. Joel from Barrett Group of Custom Builders managed the construction and along with the collaboration of Bloom for custom furniture and furnishings, and the many others involve… continu […]

  • EvenBuyer Store von Jiangjie Design | Shops
    am Februar 28, 2021 um 10:00 pm

    The Shuangliu cement plant where the case is located in Zhuantang Town, Xihu District in Hangzhou. In the 1970s, it was the most important building materials Industrial Zone in the suburbs of Hangzhou. Machinery roared and flourished for a time, until it was closed down in 1999. The factory is abandoned, while the factory buildings stand in the flood of the times, and space survives as the witness and recorder of time. Now another 20 years later, the Shuangliu cement plant has been transformed into a cultural and creative artistic Park, and the production activities are renewed in a new way. The site of the project is the clinker storage area of the original Shuangliu cement plant. Four huge cylinder structures are arranged in one line to form the main body of the building, and the internal interconnection is connected. The brand new storefront of buyer brand Evan buyer is here to use the language of architecture and design to describe its own style label and fashion attitude. ​The… continu […]

  • Schwimmbaddecke Hallenbad Ohlsdorf von Koch Membranen | Manufacturer references
    am März 5, 2021 um 6:09 am

    Das neue Hallenbad in Ohlsdorf ist Hamburgs erstes echtes Hightech-Schwimmbad. Nach über zehn Jahre langer Planung für den Umbau des historischen Hallen- und Freibads beginnt am 02. Juli 2019 der offizielle Badebetrieb. Die "modernste Schwimmhalle Hamburgs" bietet ein Becken mit Hubboden und ermöglicht eine individuelle Anpassung der Wassertiefe für jegliche Aqua-Fitness-Kurse. Auch lässt sich das 50-Meter große Schwimmbecken mit einer Hubwand in zwei Hälften teilen und ist somit für verschiedene Aktivitäten gleichzeitig nutzbar. Es wurde eine Schwimm- und Badelandschafft geschaffen, die in Hamburg sowohl in ihrer Multifunktionalität als auch in ihrer flexiblen Nutzungsmöglichkeit einzigartig ist. Konstruktionsprinzip: Die hohen funktionalen Anforderungen werden durch die klare und moderne Architektur gestützt. Insbesondere auch die abgehängte, optisch als Faltwerk ausgelegte Decke aus mit Membranen bespannten Rahmen bietet mehrere Funktionen zugleich. Beispielsweise sorgt das hoc… continu […]

  • Steelform von Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa | Office buildings
    am Februar 28, 2021 um 10:00 pm

    The project consists of expanding the existing factory unit to the west and south, with the construction of a new pavilion and an administrative building. The site’s configuration contributed to the adopted solution, which sought to maximize the area of the industrial nave, leaving the southern part of the site for the administrative area. This area lies along the new proposed street, giving rise to a curved concrete building, marked by vertical aluminum profiles, which sought to differentiate itself from the industrial volume, highlighting its function as an administrative area. Industrial volume, highlighting its function as an administrative area. The east corridor, which covers the industrial nave, connects the administrative area to the existing building. With a strong plastic component, relating to the mold industry, it sought, by means of its language, to convey a concept of contemporaneity while associating the company's brand. Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa Main… continu […]

  • Faltwerk und Kraftwerk
    am März 4, 2021 um 3:40 pm

    Ein Geschäftshaus ist die Visitenkarte einer Firma. Das Haus von Rhiienergie in Tamins, geplant vom Büro Krucker, repräsentiert, produziert und irritiert. […]

  • E-Bike-Tour zu Solarpionieren
    am März 4, 2021 um 3:40 pm

    Die Hochparterre-Reise geht von Chur bis Trin, zu Pionier-Solarhäusern und aktuellen Vorbildern. Darum ist sie auch eine Reise durch die Geschichte der Solartechnik. Und: Die Architekten sind mit dabei. […]

  • Frauen Bauen in der Ostschweiz
    am März 4, 2021 um 11:15 am

    Architektinnen und Innenarchitektinnen mit Bezug zur Ostschweiz aufgepasst: Über die Sommermonate können sie einen experimentellen oder utopischen Raum auf Zeit schaffen. Ein Call for Entries. […]

  • #KaldeweiDigital: «Gibt es grünen Stahl?»
    am März 4, 2021 um 10:56 am

    Am Digital-Kongress der Firma Kaldewei redet CEO Franz Kaldewei mit dem Vorstandssprecher von Thyssenkrupp über die Nachhaltigkeit von Stahl. […]

  • «Teurer Pfusch beim Aeschenplatz?»
    am März 4, 2021 um 9:44 am

    Gegen die Neugestaltung des Basler Verkehrsknotenpunkts regt sich Widerstand. Die «Basler Zeitung» berichtet. Ausserdem in der Presse: Spatenstich für den Campus Wattwil und Verlust bei der Implenia. […]

New stories by Architonic We keep you informed with our News Feed.

    am März 3, 2021 um 11:00 pm

    © Architonic continu […]

  • Distance relationship: SYSTEM 180 | News | Architonic
    am März 3, 2021 um 11:00 pm

    Cronut, duffins, brookies: the culinary industry has long recognised the ‘hybrid’ trend in foods. But the creation of new hybrid forms is on the rise in other areas as well: city dwellers organise rural lifestyles in an urban environment, and people meet up in virtual and analogue contexts – alternatingly or even in parallel. Transcending the boundaries of time and space is a long-seen tendency in global communications, and has become even more firmly entrenched since the pandemic. While baked good mash-ups and urban country life have been widely adopted, the hybridisation of the working world is still in its infancy. But companies like System 180 are driving the phenomenon forward: together with the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam (HPI D-School), the Berlin-based firm is now developing spatial concepts that not only function within either an analogue or virtual space, but in both at the same time. Anticipating the future of agile work is nothing ne… continu […]

    am März 2, 2021 um 11:00 pm

    Vanessa Quirk is Editorial Manager at Sidewalk Labs and Co-Host of the City of the Future podcast. © Architonic continu […]

  • Turned on: FRITSJURGENS | News | Architonic
    am März 2, 2021 um 11:00 pm

    It’s a rare treat to design with total freedom, without worrying about execution. As an architect and designer of space, there are numerous rules and requirements – both spoken and unspoken – to be complied with. But, what if you could unlock complete design freedom by utilising some smart and simple strategies? It sounds too good to be true. Very often, though, a key to discovering this freedom can be found in ‘doors’ – elements that play an enormously important role in the way a space is perceived. They enlarge space beyond what is visible to the eye, and allow the mind to ponder what’s on the other side of them. Besides the psychological benefits, doors offer limitless design possibilities. Architects shouldn’t underestimate the positive influence of their design – they are, after all, often the first tangible element of a building that is encountered, setting the tone for the rest of the interior. When seeking to make a statement, designers usually discover that a basic, hinged doo… continu […]

  • The Importance of Technology in the Strategic Design of Workplaces in the COVID-19 Era | News | Architonic
    am März 1, 2021 um 11:00 pm

    It’s been nine months since the world stopped spinning, only to restart at a different rhythm. And although we’d spotted this new style of work approaching on the horizon, we still weren’t prepared for it. In a blink of an eye, our work environments and lives were reduced to a screen and a keyboard. We were forced to go virtual. As a workplace strategist & designer at Sshape in Washington DC, I had to rethink my approach to work at that moment. I needed to provide solutions for my clients, who were facing an unforeseen situation with high levels of uncertainty. Taking on the strategic interior design of an office in such a complex environment where we didn’t know how or when we would return was a challenge. However, a few years ago I completed my Master's in Strategic Design of Spaces at the IE School of Architecture & Design, where I received the tools to react with agility and see change as an opportunity. We learned that people are extraordinarily adaptable, and therefore the des… continu […]

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