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    am Oktober 21, 2018 um 10:00 pm

    In the extraordinary natural setting of Ayas, in the province of Aosta - Itlay, rises Monterosa Terme, a spa resort facing Monte Rosa where low-impact materials like glass, wood and stone interact in complete harmony with the landscape. The selection for the spa's wall coverings was therefore focused on ceramics that could guarantee maximum durability while expressing a strong, earthy feeling. The Petrae collection, in the variant that interprets Barge quartzite, was used for the flooring of the entrance, reception and bathing areas thanks to the wide range of available formats. In the swimming pool area, the flooring extends from the floor to the inside of the pools thanks to special pieces specifically produced with the same look. The walls of the wet area and all the floor and wall surfaces of the wellness area are made with the Larix collection: the large slats were installed in various shades to recreate the pleasant cocoon feel of wood. MONTEROSA TERME Arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti A… continu […]

    am Oktober 21, 2018 um 10:00 pm

    The Austrian supermarket chain MPreis is known for its pioneering and visionary role in the distribution of carefully selected food products. Founded in Innsbruck in 1920 and still today a family business, the company currently has about 260 stores mainly in Tyrol, but also in the area of Salzburg, Carinthia and South Tyrol. Having overcome the traditional strategy of brand = uniform image, each store is unique because it is the result of a relationship with the surrounding landscape and the views of the customers. The result of collaborations with different architects who are given ample creative freedom, the stores do not implement a generic format but rather experiment with cutting edge solutions both in aesthetics and environmental impact: a high level of architectural quality that has earned MPreis prestigious awards and international recognition. The company's values are also reflected in its social responsibility, contributing considerably to the region's sustainable economy. Re… continu […]

  • FOOD COURT MY CHEF by Refin |
    am Oktober 21, 2018 um 10:00 pm

    The Food Court at Malpensa airport in Milan - an Italian street market created by a collaboration between MyChef, Barilla, Ferrarini and Mutti - is an innovative dining area that conveys the excellence of Italian food and its ingredients to travellers from all over the world. A large open kitchen divides the piazza into two areas with different functions: on one side the covered market with thematic kiosks that offer the chance to select and enjoy famous national dishes, on the other the "slow" restaurant for longer breaks and true chef service. The space is completed by a kitchen pantry, located on the mezzanine of every street box, featuring the best products of Italian cuisine. The nearly 1,500 square meters are furnished with Design Industry Raw Mix and Trail Natural, both of which are contemporary in style, helping to create a cosy and refined environment. Inspired by urban settings and contemporary architectural trends, Design Industry uses colour and structure to produce the continu […]

  • Nebel bar by Focketyn Del Rio Studio | Bar interiors
    am Oktober 17, 2018 um 10:00 pm

    Expanding the existing with sleek insertions, focketyn del rio studio designs a playground for late night revelers. The collectively designed Nebel Bar has become a new beacon for late-night culture in an already vibrant scene. A union of the existing and the novel, this bar was recently renovated and extended with an annex. Nebel Bar is situated in Kleinbasel, the energetic and hip neighborhood of Basel, Switzerland. Initially inaugurated in 2016, it has recently been extended to include an annex featuring an intimate dance-floor. Reopening in the Fall of 2018, Nebel has established itself as one of the prime late night spots for creative professionals of Basel and beyond. FOCKETYN DEL RIO Studio was approached to create and develop a new spatial identity together with Hofmacher, the cultural collective behind Nebel. Active in the city's nightlife scene for many years, the client found a space corresponding with their reputation for producing unique and intimate events and col… continu […]

  • Woodhouse by Solarlux | Manufacturer references
    am Oktober 17, 2018 um 10:00 pm

    Following in nature’s footsteps Wooden bi-folding door connects home with the forest outside Wilderness and silence, power and force, diversity and excitement – all this and more can be found in a dense forest. Property in the heart of Mother Nature has a unique appeal, offering freedom from the enclosed spaces of civilisation and relief from hectic everyday life. But the architecture of a home in the forest can be very different to that of an urban building – in fact, it has to be. Your refuge needs to blend into its wild surroundings, forming a bond and understanding with them. The Forest House, a three-storey home built in the Polish forests outside of Warsaw in 2018, blends in with the wild flora thanks to a perfect balance between delineation and assimilation. This is most clearly reflected in the materials used in the construction and the visual call-backs between the inside and the outside that run through all three floors of the building. The house offers around 250 m²… continu […]

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  • Tell no lies: Zeitraum | News | Architonic
    am Oktober 31, 2018 um 11:00 pm

    Sustainability, it’s fair to say, has proved itself to be, well, sustainable. But long before it became the issue de nos jours, long before it became fashionable (for want of a better word), there were design manufacturers pursuing the sustainability agenda. The Munich-based furniture producer ZEITRAUM is such a company, which, in this age of marketing hyperbole and superficial nodding to environmental and social responsibility, has a refreshingly honest take on what it does and how it does it – ever since it was founded almost 30 years ago. Google the company and you'll find an emphatically literal description of its stock-in-trade in your results: 'ZEITRAUM: High-quality furniture in solid wood'. You see, authenticity runs right through the brand, from its honesty to materials – hand-selected, FSC-certified, deciduous hardwoods such as oak, walnut, cherry and maple – to the way they are treated. Multiple rounds of careful sanding are married with meticulous oiling and waxing. Thi… continu […]

  • "Toward Utopia" design trends for 2019/2020: Heimtextil | Industry News | Architonic
    am Oktober 28, 2018 um 11:00 pm

    The Heimtextil trends 2019/2020 describe a world in which we live according to new standards. We try to escape complex lifestyles and have a desire for deeper relationships, spiritual confirmation and greater meaning. "We live in an era of uncertainty and mistrust in the established order. As a reaction, we try to live a meaningful, conscious life based on positive relationships. We take responsibility for our lives and look for ways of life that fulfil our value system in search of a new utopia – a society that aims at promoting the well-being of all its citizens”, explains Caroline Till, co-founder of FranklinTill Studio. In addition to the British trend researcher, Anne Marie Commandeur from the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam and Anja Bisgaard Gaede from SPOTT Trends & Business also participated in the forecast for perspective-related interior design, which applies globally. The search for new lifestyles in which mindfulness and sustainability play an important role will be the challe… continu […]

  • The Forum at Downtown Design | Industry News | Architonic
    am Oktober 17, 2018 um 10:00 pm

    Exploring the Culture of Collaboration, Innovation in Design and Livable Cities, Downtown Design’s public programme presents the audience with a stellar schedule of talks. Presented at The Forum at the heart of the Downtown Design fair, the talks programme will encompass intellectual and informative discourses designed to engage with and uplift design professional and enthusiasts. Downtown Design’s mission to give a platform to diverse voices, insights and opinions reflects in our considered choice of speakers and topics. <b>The Culture of Collaboration – 13 November and The Hands of a Designer – 14 November, respectively</b> The award-winning designers Ini Archibong and Matthew McCormick speak for the first time in the Middle East, offering insights into the merits of a well-considered creative code-share, and the growing confluence of artisanal making and the high-tech in contemporary design. <b>Breaking Ground: New Design Markets and the Road Ahead – 14 November</b> Mohit… continu […]

  • New from old: ORGATEC | Industry News | Architonic
    am Oktober 17, 2018 um 10:00 pm

    When ORGATEC 2018 opens its doors in Cologne from 23 to 27 October, around 60,000 trade visitors from all over the globe, who want to inform themselves about the future of modern worlds of work, are awaited again. The leading international trade fair for the modern working world presents integrated solutions and overall concepts for everything connected with the office as a working and living space office. And as the world of work changes, so does architecture. Many offices and hotels built in the recent past are already out of step with current trends. Instead of tearing them down, more and more developers are focusing on the potential of these old buildings and opting to refurbish them. But what needs to be considered when bringing such buildings back to life? And what are the prospects for a sustainable commercial property? These questions – and many more besides – will be discussed at architectureworld and Deutscher Hoteltag (German Hotel Day), which will be held for the first t… continu […]

  • Old, not obsolete: new care homes | News | Architonic
    am Oktober 17, 2018 um 10:00 pm

    Europe, alongside countries such as Japan, is going through a profound demographic shift: stagnating birth rates and increasing life expectancy mean the proportion of older adults is increasing. It is estimated that by 2050, people above 65 years of age will comprise more than 30% of the population of Great Britain, 35% in Germany, and over 40% in Spain. In addition, this age group is increasingly healthy into old age, meaning that even when they move into a care home, they want stimulating places in which to live and socialise. Care homes are likely to become one of the most important typologies that architects will be designing in the decades to come. A number of European countries with generous social care systems are already trying to cater to these needs. In Huningue, France, architecture practice Dominique Coulon & Associés has designed modern housing for the elderly comprising 25 units of 50 square metres each. In this care home, particular emphasis is given to communal spac… continu […]

  • Ein Glasturm für Baden
    am Oktober 23, 2019 um 8:48 am

    Die Churer Architektin Angela Deuber gewinnt den Studienauftrag für das Wohn- und Geschäftshaus auf dem Krismer-Areal in Baden. Die «Aargauer Zeitung» stellt das Projekt vor. […]

  • Pfister wird XXXL
    von Meret Ernst am Oktober 23, 2019 um 7:41 am

    Gesund, aber trotzdem verkauft: Möbel Pfister, Arco Regio, Pfister Professional und Pfister Vorhang Service gehen an den österreichischen Möbelgrosshändler XXXLutz, meldet die F. G. Pfister Holding. […]

  • Licht & Dunkelheit im urbanen Raum
    am Oktober 22, 2019 um 3:53 pm

    Anlässlich des 10-jährigen Jubiläums des Masterplans für die Beleuchtung des Aussenraums auf dem ETH Campus Hönggerberg diskutiert ein Abendseminar die Bedürfnisse im nächtlichen Stadtraum. […]

  • Projektleiterin / Projektleiter Raumentwicklung (80 - 100%)
    von Verlag Hochparterre am Oktober 22, 2019 um 2:52 pm

    Die Dienststelle Raum und Wirtschaft des Kantons Luzern sucht per 01.01.2020 oder nach Vereinbarung eine/n Projektleiterin / Projektleiter Raumentwicklung. […]

  • Lichtgestalter Ingo Maurer verstorben
    am Oktober 22, 2019 um 11:56 am

    Gestern ist Ingo Maurer im Alter von 87 Jahren in München verstorben. Seine Entwürfe gelten als wegweisend im Lichtdesign. […]

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    von Sherry Nothingam am Oktober 9, 2019 um 4:02 pm

    We all love the idea of a weekend house that takes us away from constant rush that surrounds us. That is exactly what you get with the beautiful and spacious Casa Linda Vista in Mexico that sits on the edge of Lake Chapala. This smart and stylish vacation home combines vernacular architectural principles with locally […] You're reading Encapsulating Mexican Charm: Brick, Wood and Plenty of Open Space, originally posted on Decoist. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Decoist on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. […]

  • 30 Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas that Blend Form with functionality
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    The kitchen is a place where you need an even layer of functional and aesthetic lighting that combines the best of both aspects. This becomes even more essential in the small kitchen where lighting can make or break the overall look of the space. In the tiny kitchen every inch of space matters. Saving space […] You're reading 30 Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas that Blend Form with functionality, originally posted on Decoist. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Decoist on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. […]

  • Stunning Modern Home in Singapore with a Spiral Staircase that Wows!
    von Sherry Nothingam am Oktober 8, 2019 um 11:10 am

    There are a few homes that feel modern and cozy and do so without really sweeping you off our feet with sheer grandeur. Then there are homes where you instantly see an iconic feature that defines it and ends up becoming the showstopper. The Greja House designed by Park + Associates in Singapore falls into […] You're reading Stunning Modern Home in Singapore with a Spiral Staircase that Wows!, originally posted on Decoist. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Decoist on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. […]

  • Timber Shutters and Wooden Cabins Create the Gorgeous Camp in New Zealand
    von Sherry Nothingam am Oktober 8, 2019 um 8:45 am

    The Camp feels like an unassumingly simple name for a getaway that takes you into the wondrous world that awaits at Tawharanui Peninsula. Yet, it feels perfectly apt for this lovely wooden cabin designed by Fearon Hay Architects that utilizes timber shutters in an innovative and elegant fashion. The cabin broadly consists of two different […] You're reading Timber Shutters and Wooden Cabins Create the Gorgeous Camp in New Zealand, originally posted on Decoist. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Decoist on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. […]

  • How to Gift Beautifully on a Budget
    von Kate Simmons am Oktober 7, 2019 um 3:09 pm

    Gifting on a budget can be a challenge, but sometimes it’s our limitations that bring out true creativity. If you’re needing to stay in the land of the affordable, don’t fret. Beautiful possibilities await you. Below we’ve rounded up a range of budget-friendly gift ideas, and our tips for smart shopping are in bold. From […] You're reading How to Gift Beautifully on a Budget, originally posted on Decoist. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Decoist on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. […]

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